Send completed form to:   Sandra Yunghans, 58 Garland Road, Lancaster, NH 03584 or email lfairartscrafts@gmail com                                                                                             

 Exhibitor's name:____________________________________________________                         Address:___________________________________________________________                         City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________                         Telephone:_________________________________________________________                         Email:____________________________________________________________ Age Category:

           O   Junior (4-8)       O   Student (9-17)     O   Open (18-69)      O   Senior (70+)                                 O Handicap (type of handicap_____________                                                                                  O Professional (receives reimbursement for type of entry)                                                                                             We must have your telephone number to reach you if you qualify for free passes under our points system (see any section of the Arts and Crafts pages at www.lancasterfair.com for details. Where no entry fee is required, you may enter as many articles as you desire in any or all departments not requiring them  Do Not Send Articles to be exhibited by mail.  Each  item is to be listed numerically by department, class and lot on page 2.  Late entries are prohibited, if you have a questionable entry, ENTER IT.  Entries can be deleted but not added after the deadline.  Late entries will be refused and returned and will be enforced.

I hereby enter and agree to exhibit the items listed at the Lancaster Fair, subject to its rules and regulations.

Signature of exhibitor:__________________________________________Age if student_____





Dept.  Class Lot Description of Article in list