1. Parents, grandparents or legal guardian must be present in order for the child to participate.
  2. Contestants must be 11 years old or younger. * Unfortunately, children who exceed the weight limit will not be allowed to participate regardless of age.
  3. There will be 4 classes of contestants:
    1. Class 1- under 42 lbs.
    2. Class 2- 42-59 lbs.
    3. Class 3- 60-75 lbs.
    4. Class 4- 76-95 lbs.
  4. All contestants must wear shoes. No bare feet or flip flops are allowed.
  5. Contestants may be given an additional attempt to get the sled moving from starting if first attempt is unsuccessful.
  6. Both hands must be on the steering wheel and both feet must be on the pedals. Standing is not allowed. The pulling tractor must stay between the lines of the pulling lane at all times.
  7. The contestant must remain seated at all times.
  8. There will be no jerking at any time on the chain of the sled.
  9. Within the first three feet of track, if the child’s foot comes off the pedal, the pull will be started over. After three feet, when the child’s foot comes off the pedal, that pull is considered done.
  10. Forward motion is considered stopped when the sled pull chain becomes loose or the child cannot pull anymore, at the track officials’ discretion.
  11. The pull begins when the official shouts “go”.
  12. The pull ends when the tractor has crossed the finish line or the tractor stops moving, whichever occurs first.
  13. All pulls will be measured from the starting line to the front of the trailer.
  14. When any part of the tractor or sled touches the white boundary line, the pull is done.
  15. If the equipment should malfunction, the child will be allowed to re-pull.
  16. All track officials decisions will be final.\
  17. We reserve the right to stop an individual pull at our discretion if the possibility of injury is present.
  18. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.