Arts & Crafts Hall

Please Note: All Departments must be in place by Monday, August 26th at 8:00pm for Judging on Tuesday,  August 27th.

Article for Entries will be accepted Sunday, August 25th from 12 Noon-6:00pm and Monday, August 26th from 9 am-8:00p.m.  All Judging will take place on Tuesday, August 27th.

One Exhibitor per entry per lot unless otherwise specified.

All Entry Forms Close on August 20th.

Entries must remain in place until 5:00 pm on Monday, Sept. 2nd and must be removed by Tuesday, Sept. 3rd by 2:00 pm. The Fair is not responsible for items left after 2:00 pm on Sept. 3rd.  Entries removed prior to 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 2nd relinquish all prizes and ribbons associated with entries.


Receive 2 FREE 1 day passes for this years Lancaster Fair, when you exhibit items in the Arts and Crafts hall, and acquire 75 or more points.  An exhibitor’s pass will be given to an exhibitor acquiring 200 or more points.

Points are awarded in the following manner:
Blue Ribbon (first place) 20 points
Red Ribbon (second place) 15 points
Yellow Ribbon (third place) 10 points
Entry Blank On Line 10 points
New Exhibitor 5 points
Successive exhibitor 10 points

Numerous Exhibits:
25 = 5 points
50 = 10 points
75 = 15 points

100=20 points
Exhibits will be judged on Tuesday before the fair opens, so be sure to include your telephone number, and we will contact you if you achieve the 75 or more points for your FREE passes.

All artwork must be framed and be able to be hung on pegboard hooks by wire hangers. Sawtooth hangers won’t work!  Screw eyes and wire available from superintendent. No kits/paint by number except handicapped and seniors.
Only one entry per lot unless otherwise specified.  Additional entries per lot are only allowed with nursing homes and children.

Class 1.
Oil Paintings

Class 2.
Acrylic Paintings

Class 3.
Water Colors

Class 4.

Class 5.

Class 6.
Charcoal Sketches

Class 7.
Graphic Art/Computer

Class 8.
Pen & Ink

Class 9.
Colored Pencils/Gels

Class 10.
Pencil Drawing

Class 11.

Class 12.
Metal Craft

The following lots 1-8 are for all of the above 12 classes.
Lot 1—Landscape

Lot 2-Seascape

Lot 3-Human Portrait

Lot 4-Animal Portrait

Lot 5-Street Scene

Lot 6-Still Life, any subject

Lot 7-Contemporary, Abstract, etc.

Lot 8-Other

Open.Professional, Senior

1st-$15.00; 2nd-$12.00; 3rd-$10.00

Children. Youth

1st-$8.00; 2nd-$5.00; 3rd-$3.00

Class 13.
Original drawings by Children under the age of 7 years old. Must be Matted and Hangable

Lot 1—Ages 3– 4
Lot 2—Ages 5—7
1st-$3.00; 2nd-$2.00; 3rd-$1.00

Class 14.
 Lot 1.  Decorative Art-Mixed/Combined Media

Lot 2.  Repurposed Art

1st-$15.00; 2nd-$12.00; 3rd-$10.00

Class 15.


1st-$15.00; 2nd-$12.00; 3rd-$10.00

Class 16.
Colorama (Adult Coloring)/Paint by Number – Must be Matted and Hangable

Lot (For class 15 and 16)

Lot 1 – Landscape

Lot 2 – Seascape

Lot 3 – Human Portrait

Lot 4 – Animal Portrait

Lot 5 – Street Scene

Lot 6 – Still Life

Lot 7 – Contemporary, Abstract

1st-$3.00; 2nd- $2.00; 3rd-$1.00


A special ribbon and monetary award will be awarded to those persons having more than 25, 50 , 75 , and 100 or more entries in Dept. B-P. Only one entry per lot.

Judge may withhold prizes for insufficient merit and remove from public view any entry or part thereof which, in his/her opinion, discredits the exhibition. Anything previously displayed at the Lancaster Fair will be disqualified

All Professional Artists(receives money on a consistent basis for artwork) must designate themselves as such on entry blank. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Sandra Yunghans, Director
Tel: 603/788-3519